We are pleased to inform you about the initiative launched by Global Innovation to help companies in the ICT sector in the development and growth of size, but above all quality. In a very difficult time it is necessary to create the conditions for differentiation.


Global Innovation, with its team of professionals, active for years in the field of Business Relation Management for companies in the IT and Telecommunications sector, is now proposed to companies in the sector with a new initiative whose objective is the identification of value and its broader statement.


The Global Innovation showcase was set up to support companies in the IT and telecommunications world in facing new challenges, quickly and with results-related costs. The aim is to showcase companies interested in developing their business through Partnerships, Channel Search, M & A, Etc.


We believe in a new model that leads to create synergies between companies and, considering the new global market scenario, it is necessary to create strength centers that meet the increasingly sophisticated and economically difficult needs.


It is a unique opportunity to meet with associates, offering the concrete possibility of starting business negotiations and collaboration.


In the usual activity every company can verify how difficult it is to find a really interesting and potentially developable contact.


The most frequent experience is indeed that of a very high number of meetings with companies not really interested in the offer, resulting in a considerable expenditure of resources, energy and time.


Global Innovation reverses normal practice and creates, thanks to the showcase service formula, a series of targeted, direct and personalized contacts. This allows better exploitation of opportunities with filtered and concretely interested interlocutors.


Each participant has the opportunity to enter the window displaying their products and services and presenting their business as well as their needs and strategies.


The presentation of companies must be done carefully to clarify the characteristics, advantages and opportunities. Each participant also has the opportunity to identify within the window, the offers that may be more interesting for their business. Finding a partnership opportunity can be even more beneficial.


Many Italian and above all international companies are in ferment due to their strong desire for growth and in many cases to give positive answers to the market when they are listed companies.


Since natural growth is very difficult today, companies choose to grow with a careful acquisition policy. The knowledge of the market, the knowledge and relationships at high levels close to the last years of activity, allow us to position ourselves very well in relation to those who want to acquire companies or those who want to sell their company.


The activity of M & A or Merger and Acquisition consists of a consulting service that Global Innovation carries out, in favor of companies and entrepreneurs in the IT and telecommunication sector, for the study and implementation of extraordinary corporate finance operations.


To use the "Showcase Companies" service it is necessary to register on the site. Registration, as well as allowing companies to be searched in the Showcase, offers the opportunity to open their Promotional Showcase to make their Company visible to others RESERVED.