Strategic alliances:


Thanks to our more than twenty years of experience in the IT and Telecommunications sector, we can assist companies in building strategic alliances to achieve growth objectives even when there are no prerequisites for a sale or acquisition. These alliances can be productive, developmental, commercial, marketing or financial.

Merger & Acquisition

The experiences of Global Innovation allow us to diversify our choices by providing extremely focused and personalized services according to the situation of the client's reasons or needs:


- merger and acquisition

- strategic alliances

- market strategies

- management services

- financial services


Many Italian and above all international companies are in ferment due to their strong desire for growth and in many cases to give positive answers to the market when they are listed companies.

As natural growth is very difficult today, companies choose to grow with a careful acquisition policy.

The knowledge of the Italian and international market, knowledge and relationships at high levels close in the last years of activity, allow us to position ourselves very well towards those who want to acquire companies or those who want to sell their company.

Acquisitions of companies, control packages, minority interests in Italy and abroad, mergers.


The work steps for this type of intervention are normally the following:


• Identification of the strategic objectives of the operation and discussion of possible alternatives

• Definition of research criteria (dimensions, financial parameters and discussion of possible alternatives)

• Identification of the companies included in the search criteria

• Reserved contact with shareholders of the identified companies with the support of local partners G.I.

• Negotiations, structuring and closing of the transaction


Sale of companies, stock control packages, minority interests.

Our work for this type of project normally includes:


• Identification of customer expectations, objectives and needs

• Business analysis, financial projections and determination of a range of values attributable to the company

• Study of the sector structure of belonging and selection of potential investors in Italy and abroad through the local partners G.I.

• Preparation of a descriptive selling memorandum for potential investors

• Contact with potential investors making use of the international contacts of the G.I.

• Company presentation to interested investors

• Negotiations, structuring and closing the transaction, working with other professionals designated by the client.

Search for industrial, commercial, technological and financial partners in Italy and abroad for joint ventures.

They come within our task:


• Identification of the strategic objectives pursued in the search for partners

• Evaluation of the mutual contributions expected, financial returns and synergies obtainable

• Preparation of a business plan for potential partners that highlights the prospects and objectives achievable by the joint venture

• Selection of possible partners in Italy and abroad through detailed field research, availing, for the foreign countries, of the respective G.I. locals

• Reserved contact with potential identified partners. For international partners contacts are made through the local offices G.I.

• Presentation of the initiative to the selected partners

• Negotiations and structuring of the transaction

• Assistance in team with the other professionals appointed by the client, in the preparation of the contract

Reengineering and relationship management activities.


The structure has organized its activities in four main areas:


• National and / or international strategic organization and development. This service fulfills the requirements of our customers in the business reassessment strategy, in the organizational review and in the positioning of the company / product on the markets

• Development of products and projects. This service represents a strategic design for the request of products, re-engineering or localization for specific markets, as well as technical evaluations, feasibility studies on foreign technologies and products to be considered in use on projects.

• Development of international marketing. It supports customers in the selection and negotiation of strategic international and non-international partnerships and provides services necessary to gain significant market shares in foreign markets and not

• Development of international channels. Select and negotiate distribution channels and manage them for the customer until they generate the right level of turnover that justifies the direct presence of the customer's office.

Global Innovation serves worldwide customers, who need to start business building for new products or in new markets.

The Global Innovation target customers are:


• Start-up ventures that require efficiency, cost-effective and faster alternatives to build a direct sales and marketing organization abroad.

• Companies already established and established that want to diversify the brand with new products and technologies or by acquiring new business, creating new ventures in parallel with their main business.

• Investment institutions wishing to assess international and national opportunities in terms of mergers / acquisitions or are looking for a strong solution to increase the international presence of companies in their portfolio.