Global Innovation works with Clients to create value and build new businesses, exploring emerging strategies and technologies, from an economic and cultural point of view, to impact with the reference markets. Global Innovation offers a high level of advisory services to build new business, or widen existing ones, assessing risks and performance. It provides value to customers through appropriate strategies, acceleration of results and through access to a network of selected companies and partners, guiding customers and encouraging radical innovation according to the entrepreneurial guidance concept of the organization aimed at the market and results.

Global Innovation operates in the world of Information Technology and Telecommunications, providing consultancy to companies in the reference sector following the technological and financial development, creating the most attentive business opportunities according to the concept of Business Relation Management.


The skills gained in over 25 years of activity in the IT and telecommunications world, allow its associate consultants to assist companies that want to expand their presence on national and international markets, creating strategic alliances, joint ventures, partnerships and commercial agreements .

The partners of Global Innovation have gained significant experience in the IT world and are therefore able to create, understand and make the most of the opportunities that can be presented.